Spiritual scientists make an effort to merge science and religion. As humanity becomes more evolved and is in the search of a paradigm that helps to reconciliate science and religion, spiritual science has the potential to start to spread around the globe and become the new paradigm for the man of the future that does not longer need organized religions but only support and guidance to discover the God within. The discovery of God is a personal matter that requires more than a life time, however, it is the final goal of man to become unified with God and achieve the Christ consciousness. This book attempts to teach the reader how to unfold the real self in order to connect the individual with the universal life and power, enabling the person to manifest that power in his or her own life. Spiritual science proposes to go back and rediscover Christianity by exploring the early Christian teachings before the foundation of the roman catholic church with the examination of the Gospel of Thomas and Maria Magdalene as the foundations of the Christian philosophy that teaches you to reach the divine by knowledge and not by dogmas.

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Raul Valverde

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Religion / Theology