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The 3 Effective Steps to Rebuild Your Life

The 3 Effective Steps to Rebuild Your Life

Making peace with one's past,Update his state of mind,Feeding one's hunger

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"The 3 Effective Steps to Rebuild Your Life' is a book for personal development. As its title indicates, this book talks about three important steps that can help a person rebuild his life. "The 3 Effective Steps to Rebuild Your Life" is for anyone who finds himself in a situation where he has experienced the death of a loved one, a divorce, the break-up of a love relationship, the loss of a job, or who is starting a new life in a host country. In short, the book is for anyone who needs to rebuild his life and move forward. The content of this book presents these 3 imperative steps to rebuild one's life and move forward which are : Make peace with one's past, update one's state of mind, and finally nourish one's hungers (body, heart, mind, and soul). Each step is divided into chapters, and in total the book contains 11 chapters.Through the reading of this book, the reader will be able to detach himself from the events and emotions related to his past, to discover the type of personality he possesses as well as that of the people around him.

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